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Tula the Tooth Fairy FlyingHello everyone, it’s Tula! I’m here to talk to you about my new club. When you join the Tula Club, you will receive all the exciting Tula the Tooth Fairy digital books, which will tell you about the thrilling adventures my friends and I have on Earth. Not only that, but the club offers a whole range of fun activities!

Read on and I’ll tell you more!



What's it all about? - For parents

Join me and my friends as we travel across the Earth, spreading the message of Dental Defence amongst children, in a series of thrilling adventure stories!

The Tula Club ‘gift pack’ is posted to your home at the beginning of every new book, once every 4 weeks, and contains a newsletter (‘The Tula Times’) with a joke for children to tell their friends, a riddle and a puzzle to strengthen their brains, and a colouring picture to help eye-hand coordination. These activities can be enjoyed between children, their parents and their friends, encouraging positive social interaction.

Each pack will also include a small toy, designed specifically to develop reflexes and thinking.

There is even a set of 12 badges for children to collect and share. Each one depicts a new character (me, my friends, and the evil Rottsters!). There will be one in every ‘gift pack’.

On this website, there are more activities to entertain your child, such as recipes you can make together, pictures for them to colour in and an image gallery of their favourite characters to collect. These should keep them entertained until their ‘gift pack’ arrives in the post.

If you want to learn more about the books and my club, please click here.

Do you want to learn more about me and where I come from? Read Welcome to Vitura, the prologue to the first adventure my friends and I have on Earth!



What's it all about? - For kids

Join me and my friends, Sam, Larry, Daria and Oscar, as we travel around the world, spreading the message of Dental Defence, in a series of thrilling adventures!

When you are part of my Tula Club, with each exciting book we will send you a ‘gift pack’ full of wonderful treats you can share with your family and friends.

With every digital book, you will receive through the postbox :

Badges- a joke to tell your friends!

- a puzzle to solve!

- a riddle to test your brain!

- a picture you can colour in and send to my website!

Also there are 12 badges of me, my friends and the wicked Rottsers! One comes in every pack at the start of each book, so you can collect them all!

On this website you can find recipes to make, pictures to colour in and more pictures of your favourite characters to collect, if you are looking for something to do whilst waiting for each ‘gift pack’ to arrive.

To read even more about my Tula Club, please click here.
So, do you want to learn about where I come from? Find out in Welcome to Vitura (below), the introduction to the first exciting adventure my friends and I have on Earth!



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So what's the background behind the adventures?...

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The planet Orleana, the home of the Tooth Fairies, sits amongst the twinkling stars of outer space. On Orleana the sky is blue and the sun always shines, even when it rains.

VituraOrleana was once a world bursting with life, colour and wonder. It was filled with high, rocky mountains (molar mountains), lakes containing healing salt (salt water lakes), coconut water ponds (coconut ponds), valleys of fresh, green grass (vitality valleys) and beautiful forests packed with lovely plants, including pretty flowers (floss forests). The pure greenness of the grass, the beauty of the plants and the strong sunlight, kept all the Tooth Fairies alive and well.

However, the planet is no longer like this. The evil Rottsters, the other creatures that live on this world, have sucked all the energy out of it, crumbling the molar mountains, draining the salt water lakes and coconut ponds so they are empty, and killing all the grass and plants in the vitality valleys and floss forests. This has turned Orleana into a harsh desert, containing nothing but rocks and sand.

Only the kingdom of Vitura, where the Tooth Fairies live, has at least some of the beauty that once belonged to the whole planet. There is a Molar Mountain range, a group of Salt Water Lakes and Coconut Ponds, a Vitality Valley and even a Floss Forest. These are all looked after and protected by the Tooth Fairies.

The Tooth Fairies are kind, friendly creatures. Their homes in Vitura are powered by baby teeth. Each tooth is broken down and the energy inside it gives power to all the homes in the kingdom. This is why the Tooth Fairies come to Earth and collect the baby teeth that have fallen out of the mouths of children.

FairiesEvery time a child on Earth wishes for a Tooth Fairy to come and collect one of their old baby teeth, the tips of the Fairies’ magic wands glow. A group of Tooth Fairies are then sent to Earth in order to pick up the tooth, leaving behind a gold coin for the child as a ‘thank you’ gift.

As well as homes, Vitura contains a local school, Gumbridge University and Crown Castle. Once they leave the local school, some Tooth Fairies go to Gumbridge University and learn how to collect baby teeth.

However, in a dank, dark cave, on the opposite side of the Floss Forest, live the Rottsters. Most of these cruel, nasty creatures are made up of horrid, dark slime. A few of them look like Fairies without wings, and have grey bodies. These include their wicked ruler, Emperor Rott, his son Prince DK and Captain Plaque.

RottstersThe Rottsters suck the beauty and the energy out of everything, enjoying the destruction and misery this causes. For many years they have been attacking Vitura, attempting to enslave the Tooth Fairies and turn the kingdom into a desert like the rest of the planet. However, each time this happens, the Tooth Fairies have been able to successfully defend their home.

This is because of the Magic Shield that is activated every time the Rottsters try to attack. The shield protects Vitura by placing a giant bubble around the whole kingdom, stopping the Rottsters from entering. It shelters everything from the Molar Mountain range all the way up to the edge of the Floss Forest, covering the Tooth Fairies’ homes, the School, Gumbridge University, Crown Castle the Vitality Valley, the Salt Water Lakes and Coconut Ponds.

Vitura Magic ShieldThe energy inside baby teeth is also used to keep the Magic Shield working, and so far the shield has done a wonderful job of protecting the Tooth Fairies and their kingdom… until recently!

On Earth, more and more baby teeth have become rotten and unhealthy. This means they are not able to give the Tooth Fairies the energy they need to keep everything in Vitura working and to keep the Magic Shield active. If the shield runs out of power, the Rottsters will be able to invade Vitura and destroy it, making the Tooth Fairies their slaves.

However, not all hope is lost. Inside Crown Castle, sitting in his throne room, the wise, old ruler of Vitura, King Wisdom, is thinking of a plan to save his kingdom and the Tooth Fairies. It involves his best pupils at Gumbridge University, particularly one of his favourites: a brave, young Fairy called Tula.
It is she and her friends who will be our heroes throughout this tale, and the many others that follow.

This is how their adventures begin…Tula flying


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