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The Tula Stories

King WisdomGreetings! King Wisdom here!

I’m going to tell you about how you and your child(ren) can follow the adventures of Tula and her friends as they travel the Earth, spreading the message of Dental Defence, and struggling against the wicked plans of Emperor Rott and his army of Rottsters!

Tula the Tooth Fairy is an exciting series of digital books meant for children between the ages of 4 1/2 to 9 years.

The stories themselves are adventure tales, focusing on the ancient conflict between the forces of good and evil.

They contain advice on dental healthcare, as well as guidance relating to the areas of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle (i.e. exercise, diet and sugar responsibility). They also include moral messages about social skills, manners, respecting cultures and other essential values.

The stories can even help to further a child’s general knowledge, as certain words will be explained at the bottom of each page.

Each digital book is released in 4 weekly parts, so when you subscribe, each renewal is one complete book. You can read them to children or a child can read them alone, should you feel confident enough in their ability.
Here's what's in store for Tula and her friends in their first three adventures:

Book One: Rottster Attack
The adventure begins as King Wisdom sends Tula and her friends to planet Earth. However, they are unaware that the Rottsters have followed them, and when she finds herself separated from the rest of her team, Tula must use all her bravery and skills in order to find and save them from the Rottsters!

Book Two: The Trap
As Tula and her friends prepare to collect their first tooth, they are unaware that the Rottsters have laid a trap for them. When Tula is injured and Sam and Daria captured, the Tooth Fairies’ only hope lies with a little girl called Sylvia. But can she overcome her fear to help the Fairies out of trouble?

Book Three: The Rott Fairies
After Oscar and Daria have an argument, Oscar runs away, only to find himself captured by the Rottsters. They use their evil powers to turn Oscar into a slave in the hope of catching the other Fairies when they search for him. Soon Sam and Larry are caught and turned into slaves too, leaving it up to Tula and Daria to put aside their own differences to rescue the rest of the team!

It is a fairytale for the 21st century, full of wonder, fun and excitement.


The Tula Club

The Tula Club ‘gift pack’ is delivered in the post at the start of every new book, once every 4 weeks, and consists of a newsletter (‘The Tula Times’) containing a joke for children to tell their friends, a riddle, a puzzle, and a colouring picture.

Each pack will also include a small toy, specifically designed to improve reflexes and thinking.

There is even a set of 12 badges. One comes in every pack. Each badge has one of the main characters on it (Tula, her friends, and the evil Rottsters!).

The Tula Club aims to work alongside the stories to provide your child with a fun, educational experience that aids their growth and development.

If your child cannot wait to receive their ‘gift pack’, on this website there are some recipes for you to make together, pictures to colour in, and a gallery of images to print out. They can enjoy these whilst they are waiting.

So for just £8.99 every 4 weeks your child(ren) can enjoy a great adventure and learn at the same time.


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