For the Kids


Hi! It’s Larry here!

Join me and Tula, Sam, Daria and Oscar as we travel around the world, spreading the message of Dental Defence, in order to save our home from the evil Emperor Rott and his army of Rottsters!

When you are part of the Tula Club, me, Tula and the other Tooth Fairies will send you a ‘gift pack’ full of wonderful treats for you to share with each exciting digital book.

With every book, you will receive through the postbox:

  • a joke to tell your friends
  • a puzzle to work out
  • a riddle that will test your brain
  • a picture you can colour in and send to this website

all kept inside our special Tooth Fairy newsletter ‘The Tula Times’!

The pack will even contain a small toy for you to play with.

Also, there are 12 badges of me, Tula, our friends and those wicked Rottsters! One comes in every pack, so you can collect them all!

You can even find some recipes, pictures to colour in and a gallery of images to print out on this website, if you can’t wait for your ‘gift pack’ to arrive.
The Tula Club looks forward to welcoming you! But remember, please ask a grown-up, such as a parent or guardian, before joining!

Click here to find out more about me, Tula, our friends, as well as Emperor Rott and the Rottsters!

Parents can click here to read a bit more about the books and the Tula Club.


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