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Questions & Answers

Teeth and health facts

Q > How many baby teeth are there?
A > There are 20 baby teeth – the first ones appear at approximately 6 months. The first teeth are normally the lower front teeth.

Q > When do they arrive?
A > They may not arrive for 1 year in some cases. Boys' teeth normally are a little later than girls'. All baby teeth are normally through by 3 years.

Q > What to expect with the first tooth?
A > A lot of energy is expended when teeth erupt, especially the first 1 or 2. This may give rise to increased temperature/diarrhoea/soreness, hence the use of teething rings, etc.

Q > When do the first permanent teeth arrive?
A > The first permanent teeth appear at about 5-6 years, usually the front lower followed by the upper front teeth or back molars.

Q > The first permanent teeth have now come  through and are darker and not straight. Is this normal?
A > The permanent teeth are always darker and they should gradually straighten.

Q > My child has not got any permanent teeth and she is nearly 7 years old. Is this OK?
A > Don’t worry: they can be as late as 7 1/2. Get your dentist to either take an x-ray or physically examine her mouth.

Q > What toothpaste should I use?
A > A childrens' toothpaste is best. Only use the smallest (small pea size) amount as they normally swallow it.

Q > My child likes sweets and I give them once a day. Is this ok?
A > Their teeth are in a decaying situation for one hour after eating sugar, so it’s probably better to give them sweets only one or two days a week and then have them drink some plain water, or better still, brush their teeth.

Q > What about milk or apple juice?
A > Dilute apple juice with mineral water as it contains a lot of sugar.  If milk is used in a bottle last thing at night, it can cause decaying of the front upper teeth especially.

Q > When should my child’s first visit to the dentist be?
A > It depends on the child but if you just take them on your own regular visit to the dentist they will become familiar with the location and staff and learn not to fear them. You don’t want them to be terrified on their first visit!

Q > About sweets again, any advice?
A > Don’t ban sweets, fizzy drinks etc as they will become a forbidden fruit and the child is bound to overindulge when they have access to them. Don’t bribe children with the offer of sweets either.

Q > At what age do I stop supervising brushing?
A > Again it varies, but please check 2-3 times a week until you are confident in their thoroughness.

About the website and us

Q > What age group are the books and associated products (gift bags) aimed at?
A > Our books are aimed at children from ages 4 1/2 to 9 years but can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

Q > Can I trust the dental health advice and help given on this website?
A > One of the founding members is a practicing dentist and has approved all information. However, please be aware that this information is provided for general advice only and you should ALWAYS seek advice from your own dentist.

Q > Where does my subscription money go?
A > For your subscription you receive not only the full book (released over 4 weeks) but also a gift bag containing fun and educational items. It's great value!.

Q > If I have an enquiry, how can I contact the Tula Team?
A > You can use the form here if any of your questions remain unanswered

Q > Why hasn't Tula been launched yet?
A > We are focusing on our series of stories first, ensuring that we get everything right before we launch. You can regsiter your interest here and be notified when Tula begins visiting your country.

Q > If I have to change my delivery address or bank details for whatever reason, will I be charged for doing so, and how will this affect the delivery of the stories and the surrounding products (gift bags)?
A > You will not be charged to change your details, however you must remain in the UK or France to be a subscriber.

Q > Will I be charged for unsubscribing?
A > You will NEVER be charged for unsubscribing


If you have any questions that are not covered in the above or the other Q&A 'Subscriber' pages, please contact us using the form here and we will answer as quickly as possible.


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