King Wisdom

King Wisdom is the big-hearted, wise and dependable ruler of Vitura, the Kingdom of the Tooth Fairies on the planet Orleana.

He is always happy to help Tula, Sam, Larry, Daria and Oscar by giving them advice. He also teaches them defence spells that they use to protect themselves from the Rottsters.

Personality: Wise, friendly, dependable and generous.

Likes: Passing his knowledge onto others, peace, unity and happiness amongst the Tooth Fairies.

Dislikes: The forces of evil, unhappiness amongst the Tooth Fairies, when people don’t learn from their mistakes and whenever magic is used for cruelty and wickedness.

Strengths: Wise, approachable and willing to do anything he can to keep the other Tooth Fairies safe and happy.

Weaknesses: Sometimes he cares too much, so occasionally makes hasty decisions that don’t work out the way he plans for them to. However, such instances are VERY rare!

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