Losing their Teeth

Professor T’s guide on how to eat when losing a tooth

Professor THello everybody, it’s Professor T!

It can feel very weird having a wobbly tooth. Some kids get a bit scared the wobblier it gets, especially when it comes to eating! For this reason, I decided to write a chart showing what foods to eat depending on how wobbly your tooth is, because there is nothing harder than eating a chewy toffee with a wobbly tooth! Ice-cream on the other hand, well that’s easy as pie!


Stages leading up to sending tooth to Orleana

Just realised it's wobbly! Wobbly! Hanging by a thread! It's out!
This feels funny Waiting... Aaahhh!!! The T Party





Stage 1 - This feel funny

Ok, so you’ve just realised you have a wobbly tooth and I’m guessing you can’t stop playing with it. At this stage, it will only be a little bit wobbly, so just carry on eating healthily for now.


Stage 2 - Waiting...

This stage can be anything from a few days to a month. By now your tooth will be really wobbly. Only you will know how close your tooth is to falling out because you’ll still be playing with it... a lot!

At this time, eating can become a little bit difficult. To make it easier, when you eat hard foods like an apple, a carrot or even meat, make sure it is cut into small chunks. Get a grown-up to help you with this!

Stage 3 - Aaahhh!!!

Now this is when the tooth is very, very wobbly! So much so that it is hanging by a thread! You will also be pleased to hear that this is when it comes out! Orala even wrote a poem about this stage called ‘The Tooth’:

The tooth, it wobbles,
It’s nearly dead,
The tooth, it wiggles,
It hangs by a thread!

The tooth, when it falls,
Place it under your head,
The tooth, now homeward bound,
Money in its stead.

The tooth, we are grateful for,
Thank you dear child,
The tooth, it will help protect us,
Now go play and be wild!!

At this stage, eating can seem frightening, especially if food is hard. Here is a list of what your parents can make if you are worried about eating hard foods:

  • Soups with bread (really soak the bread in the soup so it will fall apart in your mouth)
  • Mashed potato
  • White fish poached for 20 minutes in simmering water. The fish will fall apart very easily this way and it's super healthy!
  • Pureed vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potato, cauliflower & carrots.
  • Yoghurt with honey
  • Jelly
  • and ice-cream of course!!

Try to avoid anything sticky like chewing gum or toffee.

Brushing near that tooth can be hard at this time, but you still have to brush your whole mouth, so just do it gently and carefully.

When the tooth finally comes out, you need to pop it in your Tula Club tooth box and place it under your pillow. As soon as it's out, the Tooth Fairies on Orleana will know and come to collect it.


Stage 4 - The T Party

This is the best stage. You have just lost your tooth and it feels weird to have a gap in your mouth. But at least it’s better than that tooth that felt like it was going to just wobble forever, isn’t it? Now you are one step closer to becoming a big kid, your adult tooth is going to start growing, but all in good time!

Tula has asked if she can create some recipes for your own T Party, to celebrate your tooth falling out. You can do this every time you lose a tooth, as a reward. It should also be great fun for you, your friends and family to make and eat together.

Over to you Tula…


Thanks Professor!

It’s ‘T Party’ time , and now your tooth has fallen out here are a few ideas for making the best T Party ever!

Tula’s Fairy Bread - Really easy to make and it looks very colourful and tastes even better!

Iced Fairy Cakes - It just wouldn’t be a T Party without fairy cakes!

Larry’s Super Punch! - This delicious drink is Larry’s own idea. It’s super healthy, super easy to make and super delicious, perfect for washing down scrummy party food with!

Crystal Ball Jellies - We all know the crystal balls owned by the Rottsters are bad, but making food that looks like them can be fun and taste good as well.

You will find all of these recipes, and more, on our Recipes page.


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