Brushing Techniques

This is Orala speaking!

How are all of you?

I’m going to talk to you about brushing your children’s teeth. This is really important in order to keep them nice and healthy!

Make sure that the first little tooth they have gets brushed, morning and night, if only for a little while.

For babies, a tiny amount of ‘baby’ toothpaste should be used as they will swallow it and this is to be avoided. Only a smear is recommended until they are 3 years old. After that, use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste until they are 6 years. Make sure a small-headed, soft toothbrush is used to clean their teeth and it is moved in small, circular movements. Try to focus on brushing one section of the mouth at a time.

Get your child into a routine of brushing first the outside of their mouth, then the inside. Don’t forget to brush gently behind the teeth and onto the gums. Use a mirror to help them see exactly where the brush is going.

Get them to look in the mirror and count their teeth - this creates an interest in their mouth and how to keep it healthy. It also helps children realise that you need to brush behind where you can’t normally see.

Get them into a routine of brushing twice a day so it becomes natural to them. Make this in the morning after breakfast, and last thing before your child goes to bed. Each brushing must last for 2 minutes at least.

Change the toothbrush when it looks frayed, otherwise it won’t work properly and could scratch the gums, causing more harm than good.

Finally if their gums start to bleed, take your child to your dentist as soon as possible.


Brushing Teeth Technique

Click here for a video that may help with brushing techniques.



Remember, Tooth Fairies need to bring healthy teeth back to our home, Orleana, to power our defence shield against Rottster attacks. The cleaner the teeth are, the safer we will be.

Happy brushing my friends!


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