Tula's Recipes

Tula the Tooth Fairy

Hi everyone, Tula here!

How are you? Whilst Tooth Fairies like me don’t eat human food, in our ‘Earth Studies’ lessons me, my friends have learnt that humans need to eat the right kinds of food that are not only good for them, but tasty as well!

I have asked them to help me put together this selection of tasty recipes so you and your family can have fun together, cooking all kinds of delicious treats.

Before you begin, please remember that whenever you decide to do some cooking, always ask an adult, such as a parent or guardian to help you. Cooking can be fun but doing it without a grown-up can be dangerous!

Some, but not all these recipes, contain sugar (which can be substituted. You might want to try one of these as a sugar alternative.). Through making some of your favourite snacks (such as cakes, cookies, etc) you will learn ‘sugar responsibility’, as you will see how much is used in the creation of these yummy treats!

To help you, we have ranked the recipes in a scale of difficulty to make:

Easy:Tula's Wand

Medium: Tula's WandTula's Wand

Difficult: Tula's WandTula's WandTula's Wand


Enjoy yourselves and remember to share whatever you’ve made with your family and friends.

Happy cooking!



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