Emperor Rott

Emperor Rott hates beauty and peace. He wants nothing more than to completely rule Orleana, and the only place he hasn’t taken over yet is Vitura, kingdom of the Tooth Fairies.

He is determined to invade it and make all the Tooth Fairies his slaves. As well as being evil, cruel and cunning, Rott is extremely bad-tempered, often bullying his son Prince DK and Captain Plaque into carrying out his latest wicked plan.

Personality: Evil, cruel, cunning and bad-tempered.

Likes: Making plans to defeat the Tooth Fairies and invade Vitura, being evil and anything to do with evil (e.g. cruelty, fear, torment, etc).

Dislikes: Tooth Fairies, love, peace, harmony and anything else to do with goodness.

Strengths: Ruthless, cunning, determined and terrifying.

Weaknesses: Underestimates the power of good and its ability to triumph over evil.