Captain Plaque

Ruthless, strong and determined, Captain Plaque is a force to be reckoned with. He can definitely match Emperor Rott in terms of evil but when it comes to brains... not so much.

Despite this, he works with DK to cause trouble for Tula and her friends whilst they are on Earth.

Personality: Ruthless, vicious and determined.

Likes: Being evil, fighting and making Tooth Fairies feel afraid of him.

Dislikes: Tooth Fairies, Emperor Rott yelling at him for failure, being teased and whenever he is outwitted and made to look foolish by Tula and her friends.

Strengths: Fierce, determined, tough, commanding and his powerful muscles that give him immense strength.

Weaknesses: His love of fighting can lead him to act without thinking, so he can make mistakes that the Tooth Fairies can use to beat him. Plaque’s determination can also work against him as he finds it hard to accept that there are times when it is best to retreat.

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