We’ve re-invented the tooth fairy fable

Tula the Tooth Fairy is an exciting educational series of digital books for the benefit of children between the ages of 4 1/2 & 9. The stories themselves are a series of adventure tales centred on the age-old conflict between the forces of good and evil. Each story contains accurate educational content with regards to how to care for children’s teeth, as well as other aspects of their health (i.e. exercise, diet, sugar responsibility), and also messages of kindness, respect and traditional values that can be applied to everyday life. It is a fairy-tale for the 21st century, of wonder, fun and excitement.

Tula the Tooth Fairy - A modern fairy in a contemporary tale! - Read Part 1 now for free !!

5Point Plan
Follow Tula's simple Dental Defence Guide, to ensure healthy teeth which help power Vitura's defence shield ;-)
  1. Brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes, after breakfast and last thing at night
  2. Brush both the outside and inside of the teeth in small, circular movements
  3. Limit the amount of sugary food and drinks in your diet
  4. Replace your toothbrush about 6 times a year or when it looks frayed
  5. Visit your dentist every 6 months or sooner if you lose a lot of baby teeth at the same time


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About Tula

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Your Kid's Teeth

Children Brushing Teeth
Dr Robert Hempleman (Dentist)
B.D.S.(Lond), L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng

Children's teeth are decaying quicker than ever ...


Chapter One: Professor T’s Classroom...

The bell rang out loudly through the classroom inside Gumbridge University. It was followed by loud cheers of delight from nearly all of the pupils sitting at their desks. “Alright class, that’s enough for today,” said Professor T, wearing his long lab coat that he never seemed to take off. “Remember to have your homework ready by next week,” he told his students,



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